Aerial photography is simply photography from the air. WIthout the knowledge of photographic principles, a drone operator is simply just that, they are not a photographer. As an experienced photographer, previously covering events like political meetings, press calls, even the pope visiting Scotland, Aaron of AerialScotland is able to say he is a drone photographer.

Aaron has done assignments for and provided images for most UK newspapers, magazines like Golf Illustrated, Total Film magazine, BBC magazines and more, before moving on to drone work.

Every assignment is different. Aaron covers everything from boat to boat photography and filming, aerial photography for estate agents, commercial photography for construction and construction monitoring companies, and inspection of both domestic and large commercial properties for insurance companies.

You can see that the images are all technically correct, I also use a range of drones from the DJI Inspire 2 XS, to the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, down to the little DJI Mini 2, which is ideal for city centres and the likes.

See a range of images below!

Above: Loch Monar Estate, for Strutt and Parker

Above: Partially empty loch

Above: Castle, for documentary

Above: Lighthouse, for documentary

Above: Inside Aberdeen Airport for telephone mast inspection

Above: Lochside cabins for insurance company

Above: Bridge in Edinburgh for streetscaping visualisation

Above: Castle for Stutt and Parker

Above: Holiday home for owner